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Just a few of the million reasons for the UK to be at the heart of the EU.

Climate change action
The EU has taken many climate-related initiatives to protect us and our children's future. From the first Community strategy to limit carbon dioxide emissions and The EU Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme to the Paris accord, the EU has led the way.
28 days holiday
The Working Time Directive is a European Union law that gives UK workers the right to at least 4 weeks paid holiday each year.
Roaming free
Thanks to the EU we can all travel around the EU confident that we are not running up a massive mobile phone bill at home.
Brexit will damage the economy and any process that damages the economy will also damage the NHS.
Clean beaches
The Water Framework directive forced the UK to clean up its act. We now have wonderful clean beaches around the UK thanks to this work by our MEPs and the EU.
Access to medicines
Brexit will cause delays for UK patients accessing new medicines, a no deal Brexit would result in dangerous shortages of medicines and medical devices.
Safe food
European regulations places protection of consumers over commercial interests. It means things like additives have to be proven safe before they can be used, as opposed to places like the USA where consumers have to prove something is a danger to stop its use, often too late.
In a democracy everyone has an equal say in how things are run. We elect our government who sit on the Council of Ministers to define the direction of the EU. The Commission, the equivalent of the British Civil Service, draft papers that fulfil those aims and are approved or rejected by the directly elected EU Parliament.
Our free movement
Freedom of Movement is not just for EU nationals to come to the UK, it removes barriers to British citizens living and working anywhere in the other 27 nations of the European Union.
Women’s Rights
From rights to equal pay and maternity rights to funding of women-led projects the EU safeguards women's rights.
Being in control
“Take back control of our borders” was one of the memorable slogans of the Leave campaign, but Freedom of Movement of Labour does not mean uncontrolled migration across Europe. The UK has many controls it can use.
Peace in Europe
A founding purpose of the Common Market and subsequently of the European Union was to unite the nations to secure a lasting peace in Europe.
Free movement
Free Movement means we can work study and fall in love without boundaries. We can follow our dreams and pursue a better future.
Workers’ rights
According to the House of Commons Library, a “substantial component” of our workers’ rights come from EU law. After Brexit a UK government will be able to remove these protections and rights.
LGBT+ rights
The creation of laws in the UK to protect LGBT+ people from discrimination has been driven by the EU.
Clean air
The EU has a long tradition of fighting to make the air we breath less polluted. Its current 'Clean air for all' programme aims to continue making Europe better for everyone.
Pet passports
The EU has made it easier for EU citizens to travel with their cats, dogs and ferrets and enjoy freedom of movement within the Union.
Sovereignty & influence
Every trade deal requires shared sovereignty. Influence is generated by power and size. In the EU the UK was one of the most powerful among 28. Alone we will have less influence and sovereignty, subject to the whims of the larger partners we need.
Multinationals paying tax
The EU's Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD), aims to ensure that companies pay tax wherever they make their profits in the EU.
50 free trade deals
The EU has in place, or is negotiating, over 50 trade agreements with countries and regions around the world that provides the UK with markets for its goods and services making us more prosperous.
Regional investment
The EU invests where need is greatest, unlike the UK government that often invests where politicians believe it will help their electoral chances. The UK regions have benefitted from years of investment that has transformed some of our least prosperous regions. There's more to do and the EU wants to help.
Consumer rights
The EU aims to ensure that all consumers — wherever they live, travel or shop in the EU — enjoy a high common level of protection against risks and threats to their safety and economic interests, and to increase the ability of consumers to defend their own interests.
Animal welfare
The EU has been at the forefront of animal welfare with, 80 percent of current legislation coming from the EU. Farm animal welfare has been previously neglected, and is still neglected in the US.
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